Photographed in Chuc's Notting Hill, Zara Martin wears Sophie Lis Jewellery throughout the shoot.

Arrestingly beautiful with a Bond girl bod and smile which could shatter hearts, there is no argument Zara Martin is 100% bombshell! Scratch the surface and you continue to uncover the magic. Zara is not only a cool kid but is the kindest around with a heart of gold. International DJ by night, mother and charity ambassador by day, Zara Martin is a poster girl for the modern day Madonna.

We caught up with her in Chuc’s, Notting Hill to find out just how she juggles life and makes it all work.

1.) Growing up, was it always clear to you that you would do something in the public eye or was you natural ability to be in front of an audience something that happened in time?

I guess it was always something I was drawn to but the road, like everything was not linear, and my career as has many incarnations. I was studying Economics at UCL when I got an internship at MTV which kicked off my TV career. From there I’m moved into the DJing which sort of took over. The pandemic has really changed all industries as we know them, everything happens online!

2.) Would you describe yourself as a confident person or is that something you had to learn to be to do what you do?

I think I’ve always been fairly confident - maybe that’s not true, maybe I’ve always been sort of brave which I mistook for confidence - but it’s definitely something that has grown with age. I have learned that true confidence only comes in knowing who you are and that takes time, and life experience.

3.) Having two young children myself, I am always in awe of working mothers, especially when late nights are involved as people don’t realise you have to get up a few hours after getting home! How do you juggle this work / life balance?

Becoming a mother is so incredibly life altering on many levels  - one of which, and perhaps the most spoken about topic is the lack of sleep. You just adapt. There is no choice really. The most inspiring thing, I have found, about mothers is that they just get shit done. I don’t know how I, or anyone else, strikes a balance because I’m not sure it exists - but I do know that the love is the most propelling force on earth.

4.) What do you do to relax and recharge? Do you have a secret weapon?

I live for my workouts at the moment. It really is that cliche “me time” that I used to roll my eyes at  (like most things pre-motherhood haha). But strong body, strong mind as they say and I feel like I’m just a better human once I’ve worked out. I also really appreciate the gym now after the various lockdowns so will never take going to it for granted again!  I have been training with  Lee Mullins at the Workshop Gymnasium in the Bvlgari Hotel for the past 5 years  - he has taken me through many a life event and I couldn’t have done it without him.

5.) How would you describe your personal style?

Melania Trump leaving The White House! LOL!

6.) Who is your style inspiration? 

I don’t know, I love classic, elegant, but it’s such a hard question to answer because I appreciate how other women can wear clothes that personally I wouldn’t. I think women like Penelope Cruz and Monica Bellucci always get it right  - but then again they are so beautiful is anyone even looking at what they are wearing?

7.) What are your go to – fail safe – couldn’t live without items?

If I had to pack a bag  - Barbara Sturm skincare, my Alessandra Rich Dresses and Gucci coats, a good pair of jeans, a killer pair of heels-  and all my jewels!!

8.) Is jewellery important to you and what do you look for in new investment pieces?

Yes, of course!! I’m very detail oriented and feel like your jewellery adds that something extra. I think it says a lot about you! In new pieces,  I look for something classic that I won’t get bored of  - this applies to jewellery and everything else in life!

9.) Which is your favourite piece in the Sophie Lis collection and why?

I love the comet ear climber and the Big Dipper.  Super comfortable, don’t need to take them off and they are out of reach for busy little toddler hands…

10.) Click your fingers and be...

Out of the pandemic, enjoying life with family and good friends.