Based in the heart of Notting Hill, Sophie Lis built her eponymous jewellery brand around her love of symbolism and fascination for the cosmos.

Each design is not only beautiful but also holds a deep symbolic significance.

The “Sophie Lis Girl” is a strong and independent woman who challenges convention and strives to create a better world. She has her own unique style and chooses jewellery that empowers her.

Being an advocate of female strength and independence, Sophie celebrates inspirational women and draws attention to their achievements. She uses her company to empower women with a goal of building a brand which can make a difference. Sophie supports different charitable organisations with jewellery sales, and aims to add a different organisation to her portfolio each year.

We pride ourselves on producing timeless, hand crafted pieces to be loved and worn for a lifetime. Sustainability is at the heart of the Sophie Lis brand ethos. Our suppliers and manufacturers have been carefully chosen to ensure our whole supply chain is transparent and sustainable.

Above all, Sophie Lis jewellery is created to bring joy and add a little magic to the lives of those who wear it.