Violet Von Westenholz Inspires

Photography by James Harvey Kelly

Photographed at home in Notting Hill, Violet wears Fallen Moon Necklace and Fallen Star Earrings by Sophie Lis and shirt by Ralph Lauren

With a CV to kill for and address book to match, there is no wonder Violet Von Westenholz is the most in demand Fashion PR in London.

However, her tenacious work ethic and career success are not the only reason why we have chosen Violet as one of our inspirational women. Renowned for her vivacious personality, infectious laugh and relaxed, effortlessly cool style, there is another reason why Violet is at the top of all London’s hottest guest lists.

Violet possesses an unteachable skill - to make whoever she is with feel completely comfortable, at ease and at home. Her kindness, approachability and warmth will make you feel like an old friend within seconds of meeting her and no doubt, have you sharing your inner most secrets.

With Violet’s ability to be a true and loyal friend combined with acute business prowess is what makes her so unique, successful and a true inspiration.

We go behind the scenes and take a sneak peek inside her stylish life.


V cushion embroidered by Violets Grandmother. Fox cushion and chair, Violets own creation. Ralph handbag by Ralph Lauren

1.) Can you give me a brief summary of your career in fashion to date?

Always been a Fashion PR, I didn’t go to Uni as I knew that I always wanted to work in the industry, Had every kind of experience as worked at multiple brands such as Mulberry, Dolce, Bottega and the best - Ralph lauren where I am now as PR Director for Womenswear.

 2.) How would you describe your style?

Casual… Definitely a trainers and jeans girl.

3.) What are your absolute favourite, couldn’t live without, go-to wardrobe staples?

My RL cable knit jumpers – I wear basically every day, uniform for me now

Cashmere cable knit jumpers by Ralph Lauren. Violets collection of trainers by Adidas and Reebok

 4.) Who are your style icons / influencers?

Kind of obsessed with Mickeys style (Gillian Jacobs) in Love – the Netflix boxset, I want every outfit she wears!  

5.) What is the most special piece of jewellery in your collection and why?  

It’s a gold chain necklace my granny gave me – very simple but very me, I love anything very plain.

Colourful bedspread Graham and Green, Wallpaper by GPJ Baker

6.) What do you look for when buying jewellery for yourself and others?

I think personalised jewellery is really cool. I love buying friends bits with their initials on or which would mean something special to them.

7.) What is your favourite piece in the Sophie Lis collection and why?

The whole fallen star collection is amazing! I LOVE it, I am the very proud owner of the earrings.

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8.) What is your favourite symbol?

Anything with a Fox, a nickname I was given by a boyfriend when I was younger which just stuck! Now I am just in love with them!

9.) Most likely to be found after hours…

In Notting Hill in a pub – I’m not very good at leaving the area. Im also partial to a delicious dinner at Casa Cruz or the new Isabel in Mayfair.

10.) Love of your life?

 My dog Jackson, my little Dachshund.