Tanya Philipson Inspires

Photography by James Harvey-Kelly

To celebrate International Women's Day, we take a peak into the World of inspirational style icon and all round super woman Tanya Philipson. 

With over ten years experience in the fashion industry, Marie Claire's Executive Fashion Director Tanya helps dictate each seasons global trends and has the ability to make or break brands. 

Not only does she have a phenomenal career but is also a wife, mother, steadfast friend and fashion guru. We find out just how this style queen makes it work.

Tanya wears silk shirt by Equipment and jewellery by Sophie Lis, painting in blood follow shark attack by Olly Suzi | Jumpers by Bella Freud

1.) How would you describe your style?
Clean, polished and feminine.

2.) Are you an avid follower of trends or does your style remain consistent? 
My style remains consistent but I will always add an element of the seasons trends to my wardrobe like an accessory.

Bags by Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Anya Hindmarch

3.) What are your absolute favourite, couldn't live without, go-to wardrobe staples?

Saint Laurent Trainers, I've got three pairs and wear them with everything in the day whilst running around town 
Burberry trench coat that I can wear with anything day and night
My collection of Bella Freud jumpers, always a winner!


Photograph of Tanya and her husband Adam on their Wedding Day in Marbella | Painting was a wedding present where each tiny detail relates to their lives. 

4.) If you had access to anyone's wardrobe for the day, whose would it be?

The Creative director of Chloe. I would love to have every piece of her collection in my wardrobe every season! 

5.) Fashion week survival tips....

Carry water and snacks in your  bag at all times as there is never a moment to stop and eat - the schedule is jam packed.

Lightning Bolt Necklace by Sophie Lis 

6.) How did you style adapt your style around being pregnant and becoming a mother? 

I was quite lucky as I was mainly all bump so I wore my existing wardrobe throughout the 9 months. I did invest in some J Brand maternity jeans and lived in them as well as my Jimmy Choo biker boots, heels go out the window as balance is an issue! Topshop has a good staple maternity range.

Bronzed topped salt and pepper by Crate and Barrel, Gold candle by Ralph Lauren Home | 'Love Made Me Do It' light, wedding gift.

7.) What is the most special piece of jewellery in your collection and why?

My engagement ring. I was lucky enough to design it with my husband. Even though I had sleepless nights over the whole process and final outcome it was worth it as I fall in love with it every day. 

8.) What do you look for in jewellery when choosing what to feature in Marie Claire or buying it for yourself or friends?

I always think of my friends style and what would suit them. 

For the Marie Claire we aim to cover all jewellery trends to show our reader a variety of brands, collections and styles.


9.) What is your favourite piece in the Sophie Lis collection?

The whole collection! The Fallen Star Hoop Earrings, I love the unique shape of them.

Fallen Star Hoop Earrings by Sophie Lis

10.) When not at home or at work, most likely to be found…..

In the park with my baby boy Archer. Being a working mum, our time is so precious that I try and do as many different, fun activities as possible.