Here at Sophie Lis we love putting a spotlight on successful women, exploring their pathways to success in the hope of inspiring others. With this in mind we decided to open our own doors and reveal the woman behind the Sophie Lis brand.

We ask her what lead her to create the company, how a traumatic injury changed her approach to life and how she juggles work with family life.

We hope her story can inspire you in some way too.

1.) Can you tell us how you started the Sophie Lis? 

It has always been obvious to me I wanted to run my own company, I think I was born an entrepreneur! Very early on in my career I moved to a freelance set up, but was always trying to find that one light bulb idea to launch my own brand. It was only when I was planning my wedding I became frustrated as I couldn’t find the right jewellery for the occasion. I searched high and low for a brand which made quality, luxury items without the unaffordable price tag. When I couldn't find anything, I decided to design and make my own for the occasion. The samples arrived just in time for the day and were gifted to my six bridesmaids to be worn for the ceremony. This was the beginning of Sophie Lis jewellery.


2.) How is it running your own business? 

I absolutely love what I do and the ups and downs of the roller-coaster ride that come with it. I thrive working for myself, however complicated that can prove when having two young children. My company symbolises my independence and I feel it empowers me to hold onto my own identity outside of my family. 



3. ) Has there been anything outside of your career which has had a significant influence on your life or decision making?

When I was 21 I suffered a devastating head injury which left me unable to function and in a constant state of agony. It was a living torture.

Finally diagnosed as a TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury, the only prognosis was that they hoped my situation would improve but could give no guarantee this would happen. It was an incredibly dark and lonely time.

Three years later, a more measured normal life began to be possible. It taught me the true value of time and changed how I wanted to spend it and who I spent it with.


4.) What is empowerment to you?

Empowerment is the freedom to make your own decisions and the confidence to be yourself. To have the power of conviction to chase your dreams without wavering.

Through the business I try and empower woman with jewellery that not only looks great, but holds extra symbolic significance. Let’s face it, who doesn’t need a little extra guidance or direction from time to time. 

5.) Do you ever struggle keeping up with everything?

Absolutely and constantly. However, I have  a very good understanding of who I am and feel as the years go on, I get better and better at being ME. I know what makes me happy, energised and efficient and also vice versa.

My biggest non-negotiable essential for mental and physical health is exercise. I refer to my boxing trainer Pete as my therapist as he never fails to put a smile on my face whilst I sweat out the latest frustration. It gives me total tunnel vision and focus. 


6.) What has been your personal career highlight so far?

The first time I saw a stranger wearing a pair of Sophie Lis earrings. She was next to me in a pilates class and was the ultimate WOW moment. Spotting the jewellery on women I pass in the street, on television, Instagram or in magazines really makes me incredibly proud along with being able to make a large donation to The Wild at Heart Foundation which helped change the lives of so many animals in desperate need.

Of course, celebrity spots are so exciting too, but I have to say the personal letter I received from Megan Markle about how much she loved my jewellery was a heart skipping moment!


7.) Describe your personal style 

I am a creature of habit and so my style is predictable and unfussy. I love a co-ord set, or fab tailored blazer with jeans and a white t-shirt. I always wear trainers or a pair of black Chanel biker boots.

My wardrobe is a rainbow of monochrome, the blue of denim is about as colourful as I get unless Im in the sun. I do not follow trends but wait to invest in good quality, forever pieces which won't date. 

Jewellery should be a forever investment and has to be meaningful.



8.) Favourite piece of Sophie Lis Jewellery

Our Fallen Star hoops were my first design and my personal signature piece. I always have two, side by side in my left ear. Equally the two CODED rings I have from the bespoke collection with my daughters initials, in diamond morse code never come off.

Other pieces I tend to rotate, mix and match depending on mood or occasion.

9.) What are your future plans for the brand?

I would love to see Sophie Lis expand globally, eventually having retail presence all over the World. I am planning to expand our charitable portfolio to support more causes with our growth and also, most importantly work on doing it all as sustainably as possible.

10.) Click your fingers and be.... with....?

With my husband, children and best friends on a tropical island watching the sunset with a drink in hand.