Pippa Vosper Inspires

Photographed at home in West London, Pippa wears Sophie Lis jewellery throughout the shoot. In this picture she wears our Luna Necklace with diamond Supernova and Fallen Star hoops

The first time I met Pippa Vosper was in her shop “Pippa Store” in Notting hill. She was effervescent, optimistic, down to earth and totally charming. I left the store with an exciting new purchase in hand and an extra spring in my step. She had made me feel great and brightened up my day.

Shortly after our meeting I read her totally devastating and heart breaking story in Vogue on losing her baby. I was moved to tears and totally shocked. How could this wonderfully positive person who made me feel so good about myself be in so much pain?

Sadly, the reality is that this smoke screen is the new normal. We post our glossiest moments to social media showcasing our “perfect” lives which is so far from an everyday reality. A quick scroll through Instagram rarely leaves you feeling positive but more likely that you are failing. Failing at work, in appearance, in your social life, family life or all of the above.  

After going through such a life changing tragedy, Pippa decided to raise mental health awareness by speaking out about her trauma. She decided to tell the world that its ok not to be ok. By sharing her darkest moments, experience of loss and the deep depression that followed she gives others hope. She shows us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is possible to get through it and in doing so, is a true inspiration. 

Alongside this, Pippa  is a full time mother, inspirational speaker, freelance fashion consultant and also writing a book. A master at keeping all these balls in the air, she will happily admit that one or all of them can fall at any time, and that’s ok. She decided to live in the moment and enjoy what life brings to her.

How her style still manages to be immaculate and totally aspirational I can not fathom but what I love about her most is that she is honest and speaks the truth. She makes me want to be a better person and this is why she is my latest inspirational woman and new #sophielisgirl.

I take great pleasure introducing you to Pippa Vosper and hope that this interview inspires others to be a little more Pippa.

Pictured wearing our small and large Sundance Hoops

1.) Did you always know you were destined for a career in fashion? Was there any indications in your earlier years which showed you may have such a talent and eye for style? 

I had always been interested in fashion, but was working in advertising when I answered an anonymous job ad in the Times for a PA to a creative. The creative turned out to be Claudia Schiffer and I spent the next year working as her assistant. I met so many people through the role and naturally moved into styling work when I left.

2.) Can you give us a brief summary of your career to date and anything outside of this which has been of significant influence or had a serious effect on your life.

Through my role with Claudia I was lucky to meet incredible names in fashion - Edward Enninful being one of them. Edward introduced me to Terry Jones at i-D magazine and with Edward's support I ended up styling many i-D covers, leading to styling work for Amercian Vogue, W, Interview, L'uomo Vogue. I also knew a lot of musicians and went on tour with some of the most incredible bands, styling them for their shows and shoots. In my portfolio are shoots with The Killers, The Libertines, Duran Duran, Kings of Leon, so many more. When I grew up a little (i.e. I no longer wanted to spend my nights on tour buses and waking up with continual hangovers!) I accepted the job of fashion editor at Harper's Bazaar before leaving to have my first child. I didn't want to return to magazines after maternity leave, so set up two stores hosting high end sample sales. I loved being a shop girl, but when my other children were born I knew I needed to be around more so closed the stores and am now consulting for brands, hosting events while writing my first book.

Pippa wears our Luna Necklace and both Supernova and Fallen Star hoops

3.) Was ever a “light bulb” moment or point where you realised you had “made it” as a person with influence in the industry

Haha no, I still don't feel this way. I have influence in areas, as we all do, but there will never be a time when I feel satisfied that I have 'made it'. I find that I now influence in a more human way, letting people know that life isn't always perfect, no matter how this glamorous fashion world appears.

4.) Can you tell us a bit more about what you are currently working on?

With my daughter only 7 months old, I don't have a nanny and am doing as much as I can when I can, working with brands and consulting for existing clients. My priority is giving as much of myself to Audrey, while not losing myself and continuing to make it work with my fashion projects. Writing my book is my other main focus. I write when I can, at night, when Audrey sleeps, at weekends when my husband is home. Once I have 50,000 words I can then start the serious conversations with book publishers.

5.) In the current age where influencers have so much power, you are one of the few who tries to highlight real life truths. How important is it for more to follow suit?

I experienced a huge trauma in 2017 when I lost my son to a premature birth at home. I could never go back to exclusively sugar-coated content on my social channels after this life changing time. I now tell the truth about how I am feeling and what I am going through when it feels right to do so, showing postpartum weight gain, explaining my anxiety and depression when it arises. I find that I cannot look at certain accounts on Instagram these days as I am disappointed at their content - pictures that are purely ego led, or new mothers who make others feel inferior by promoting their snap-back in shape bodies while in full hair and make up mere days after giving birth. This is not influencing, this is a damaging message to others struggling to regain their identities and who see this content as 'normal', when it is far from normal. I want to question content that lends itself to promoting negative feelings in others. Many 'influencers' need to consider the message in their content and how it could affect others.

6.) Can you describe your style evolution through the years.

There has been high fashion, rock'n'roll, back to high fashion. Now I just wear signature pieces that I know suit me; good jeans, classic blazers, structured dresses.

7.) Can you describe your personal style today? What are your hero, couldn’t live without pieces?

Light wash denim and my timeless Chanel blazers. The faux fur lined Prada combat boots I'm living in, which were my splurge purchase of the season and will easily be with me 10 years from now. A rotation of white and grey classic t-shirts and always a small cross-body bag, usually Old Celine.

Pippa wears our XL Love Heart pearl hoops with smaller, diamond Love heart hoops and diamond surround Love pendant

8.) You are the most incredible mother. How do you manage balancing work and family life? 

By not thinking and just doing! I seldom complain about my time restraints as I know how lucky I am to be a mother and to work. I don't have a nanny, I have more projects in the pipeline than usual, but you only have one life so I just push forward and somehow get (mostly) everything done. 

9.) Is jewellery important to you? What is your favourite piece of Sophie Lis jewellery and why. 

For me, I don't feel any outfit is complete without statement earrings. I first noticed your pieces in magazines on various beautiful actresses, then everyone I knew was suddenly wearing your star earrings! I knew I would love the Fallen Star earrings and now I have them I find they're the only earrings I actually wear during the day - not too large, they're the right size for someone like me who needs a bold look, but doesn't want to look like I've tried too hard for a lunch meeting.