Marina Lambton Inspires

Photographed at home in Notting Hill, Marina wears Sophie Lis jewellery throughout together with slippers from her Cetinale collection

I am honoured to introduce Marina Lambton as my latest inspirational woman, and Sophie Lis girl. A serene and mystical beauty, Marina not only manages to juggle the demands of four young children, but simultaneously has masterminded the total renovation of 17th century baroque Villa Cetinale in Tuscany. Now available to rent, Cetinale is said to be one of the most luxurious and leading villas of the world. The interiors and gardens are critically acclaimed and have been featured across leading global press. The location has been used for an array elite private events and even appeared in the recent season finale of blockbuster series Succession.

Stepping through the ancient stone gates of Villa Cetinale is like entering an other worldly wonderland. Marina has created a majestic safe haven where every one of your needs are anticipated and met before you are even aware of them. Whether you want to totally relax or party each night away under the stars, there is nowhere more magical on earth.

Villa Cetinale holds a particularly special place in my heart as it is where I got married. I designed the Fallen Star earrings for the wedding and my bridesmaids wore the first ever samples of the jewellery from which I launched the brand. I was especially thrilled Marina agreed to let me photograph her and I am excited to give a small insight into how she made it all happen.

Villa Cetinale as it stands today.

1.) Can you tell me about the first time you arrived at Villa Cetinale?

I was only nine when I first visited. My first memory was meeting Ned’s father who was a real character and asked me lots of inappropriate questions!

2.) I cannot even imagine how you would begin to start such a huge process such as the revamp of the ancient Villa… especially in Italy! How did you and Ned come to the decision to begin its restoration and what was your vision?

We realized that we either had to sell the property or restore it to a very high standard it in order to rent it out to high-end clients. We chose the latter, and we are now seeing the light at the end of what has been a long tunnel!

3.) Did you have any previous experience in this field and what were the biggest hurdles you overcame during the process?

I had no previous experience but I was always interested in interiors, which I had inherited from my mother as she has, in my view, fantastic and original taste. Quite a lot of the restoration also included technical elements like new plumbing, heating, wiring, and a new roof. A nightmare at the time, but it’s all in the past now.

4.) The style behind the interior is incredibly unique, exquisitely executed and undoubtedly yours! The room designs have been critically acclaimed by the World’s leading media and featured in luxury interior books. Did you have any training in design or is it something which comes naturally to you?

It came naturally to me as I grew learning tips from my mother who did up our house in Devon beautifully. I must also give credit here to Camilla Guinness, my interior designer friend. Improvements are continuous, and we welcome feedback.

5.) Do you think your interior style is reflected in fashion choices or vice versa? Describe your fashion style.

Yes I think they are similar, I think I have a bohemian style but also quite clean and practical.


6.) When it comes to accessories such as jewellery, what is important to you? What is your favorite piece of Sophie Lis jewellery and why?

I love all Sophie Lis jewellery but particularly the pieces that feature stars or snakes.  I love the star pieces as they remind me of my daughter who is called Stella. I have always loved snakes on clothing or jewellery.  I wear my Sophie Lis Fallen Star and Celestial hoops and Health pendant everyday.

7.) I couldn’t be more excited to hear about your upcoming coffee table book on Cetinale. Can you tell us when that will be out?

Rizzoli are publishing it and it should be out by September 2023. My husband is going to be doing all the writing for it. It will be a really fun project for us to do together.

8.) You are in the process of developing a retail outlet at Villa Cetinale. Last year saw a huge collaboration with my favourite Italian luxury perfumery Ortigia. Can you tell us about any future plans?

I now have a shop where you can buy products online or at the Cetinale shop, located on the premises.  I am in the process of growing this side of the business.  I really enjoy sourcing and designing new things for the shop.

We have Cetinale soaps, shampoos, conditioners and bath salts made for us by Ortigia in all our bathrooms of all the rental properties on the Cetinale estate and we also sell them. I designed the packaging with a friend who works at Ortigia.

9.) How much time do you and your family spend in Tuscany?

About 3 months per year.

10.) Click your fingers and be…… with……?

James Dean in 1955!