Emma Reeve Inspires

Photography by Oda Eide

Photographed at home in West London with her beloved cat Mr Chow, Emma wears suit by Marks and Spencer and jewellery by Sophie Lis 

Emma Reeve is flawless.

The perfect example of the current era of girl power.

A natural, celestial beauty with sky high cheekbones, luminous skin with a perfectly executed, voguish style.

Emma is delicate, elegant and feminine but with a powerful, assertive sartorial silhouette which commands authority and radiates strength.

She is impossibly cool, yet simultaneously completely approachable.

Spending five minutes with her you will feel as if you have known her forever. Both a career woman and definite girls girl, she possesses a unique ability to make you feel totally at ease and comfortable from the outset and will have you crying with laughter shortly after!

Emma couldn’t be a better representation of modern day feminism and it is no wonder iconic British fashion house Burberry has her managing UK PR.

We are honoured to have her as a #SophieLisGirl and visited her early on a sunny Saturday morning in London to ask her ten quick questions about her career, life and style and how she manages to achieve the perfect balance.

Emma wears Sophie Lis Fallen Moon necklace and Fallen Star bracelet

1.) Can you give me a brief summary of your career to date and anything outside of this which has been of significant influence or had a serious effect on your life? What are your passions and what motivates you?

I grew up in a family of film makers which has greatly influenced my life. I spent a lot of time in Los Angeles as a child and spent every holiday travelling there of wherever else in the world my parents were making a film at the time. I love being around people – my family background influenced this. I am happiest when I am around people young or old and always try to find the best in anyone I meet, no matter what their background or profession.

I am passionate about fabric, tailoring, materials, styles - fashion. I loved a role I had at Emilia Wickstead as she operates a traditional atelier, where I learnt about made to measure and different materials.

I love travelling but only for holidays….the joy in a work trip has long gone! I am motivated by the incredible women in my life and meeting fascinating people in the industry.  I adore my chocolate Burmese cat Mr. Chow. He is dog-like and smells like marzipan and helped me through a horrid time I had a couple of years ago when I was home with glandular fever. I speak about him to people far too much and the Burberry office is always updated on his antics on a daily basis. 

Emma wears Sophie Lis Fallen Star ring

2.) Tell us about your current job at Burberry. How did you come to be there and what exactly do you do?

I have been in Burberry’s UK PR team for 6 years now - I love British fashion so it feels like a natural fit for me! After graduating, I wanted to be a fashion journalist and gained invaluable experience at Condé Nast and only in my late 20’s did I find my niche in PR. At Burberry, some moments in the year are busier than others (the shows are always huge highlights!) but the beauty of Burberry is that there is always something going on even when it isn’t LFW.

Shoes by Zara

3.) Was there a defining moment when you knew fashion was something which would be a big part of your life?

My mother was a fashion model in the 70’s and I remember as a child being fascinated by some of her black and white model shots for Vogue which I found (without her knowledge) at the back of her closet. She looked fiercely beautiful dressed in power suits and fabulous long dresses. My father, a film director, always paid attention to the costume in his movies. I was totally fascinated by the fabric choices and how costume details were used to portray each character in a certain way. Ultimately, my parents taught me that fashion has the power tell a story and I wanted to be part of that world. I still dream of writing or doing my own fashion podcast or documentary – I am especially interested in the role that sustainability plays in the future of modern luxury so maybe that will be the next story I help to tell!

Head piece by Magnetic Midnight 

4.) Describe your average work day routine.

I joke to my husband that I am only able to sleep well if I know I can have a piping hot coffee in the morning – ironically, the prospect of caffeine gets me to sleep!  I don’t need much sleep, I usually get up around 7 and am ready in 20 minutes. I lay out my outfits the night before as this helps me save time in the morning but the only problem is if Mr. Chow gets to them first (RIP the tassels on my Burberry scarf).  To counteract my coffee addiction, I have a pint of celery juice from Crussh on my way to work – this is the healthiest part of my day and I feel it works miracles for my skin, energy levels and health. I start the day with a press breakfast then it’s head down in the office. On my way home, I might meet a friend in town before I head West to meet my husband. Our go-to dinner spots when it is just the two of us are Clarke’s or Daphne’s- mainly as they’re quiet and delicious and we can talk and catch up.

Sophie Lis gold surround Love Pendant and two Compass pendants 

5.) Can you describe an average weekend off duty?

At the weekends I see as many friends as I can, go for walks around Hyde Park and spend time with my mother, or at the moment -driving lessons which I dread – I am getting worse! I love my home comforts and try to turn my phone off on Sundays and spend time with my husband and first born (Mr.Chow). I love a road trip and beg my husband to drive me around London to go to different parts of town. I still feel like a tourist in so many parts of London. There is always somewhere new to explore. The weekends always go too fast, I don’t watch much TV but prioritise bubble baths, walks, friends and feasting in fav places around town.

Gold dress by Burberry, Compass pendant and Fallen Star ring by Sophie Lis, sneakers by Veja 

6.) Who are your style icons? Are there any influencers now you follow avidly?

Charlotte Rampling for her timeless style and Isabella Blow for her stubbornness to conform to the status quo and braveness to be herself. Personal style icons are my mother for her elegance and great friend Amanda Lacey who has the best wardrobe I’ve ever seen. As for my Instagram feed, Bat Gio for her colourful fashion style. 

Pink shoes Aquazzurra

7.) How would you describe your personal style and does it differ from weekend off duty dress? What are your go to, fail safe wardrobe items? 

I am at my happiest wearing a kaftan as I love resort wear (and holidays in general) but equally feel myself stomping around in my Prada biker boots. I don’t like to look too girlie and if I feel I am not quirky enough I might add a stand-out coat or something whackey. My style evolves every season and I never throw away my clothes as they represent different stages in my life.


7.) How important to you are accessories?

I love Magnetic Midnight head bands and Miu Miu hair accessorises and only use cross body bags otherwise I would leave it on the bus. Most dear to me is the half-moon necklace my father gave my mother to celebrate last day of filming for Half Moon Street and earlier this year, my late grandmother gave me another half-moon necklace for my collection which I also never take off. There is definitely a theme here!

Emma wears Sophie Lis gold surround Love pendant on short chain and Compass Pendant on long chain with Fallen Star bracelet together with jumpsuit by Seren and shoes by Miu Miu

8.) What is your favourite piece of Sophie Lis jewellery?

Sophie’s pieces are heaven to me as they represent my favourite silhouettes - stars and moons. There is something empowering to me to wear shapes from the universe and I most love her Compass Pendant – it stands for being able to guide you back to that special person, place or memory which resonates with me as I love exploring new places.


 9.) When you’re not in the office, where can we find you?

In a cosy corner at 5 Hertford Street or at home in my dressing gown with Mr. Chow – he follows me everywhere!

Emma wears kaftan by Innika Choo, gold surround Love Pendant, Compass pendant, Fallen Star bracelet and Fallen Star ring 

10.) Click your fingers and be……. With…..?

At my husband's family the chalet in Switzerland – with my husband with all devices switched to OOO.

Jumper by Toast, boots by Prada with Sophie Lis Love and Compass pendants, Fallen Star ring and Fallen Star bracelet 

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