Chloe Street wears Sophie Lis

Shot at home by Philip Volkers, Chloe wears Sophie Lis Jewellery through the shoot

Chloe Street is the Fashion Editor at London’s Evening Standard. It is her job to be at the forefront of fashion. Chloe reads and analyses the latest trends and breaks them down into digestible fragments before feeding them to the population of London.

Chloe literally dictates what is cool in the capital.

As sophisticated is she is stylish, we were excited to catch up with her at home in Bayswater and ask her a few questions about her passions, values and find out how she made it to where she is now. We hope her story can inspire you too. 

Chloe Street wears Sophie Lis Magic Leaf hoops

1.) Did you always know you were destined for a career in fashion? Was there any indications in your earlier years which showed you may have such a talent and eye for style?

I was always pretty obsessed with clothes and makeup and dressing up as a child! My grandma had drawers full of beautiful makeup and she (very trustingly!) used to let me do hers from the age of about 4.

When I got my first camera, a little film one, I used to style my baby sisters like they were my dolls and do fashion shoots in the garden. They didn’t really get a choice in it!

I was fashion editor of my university newspaper and when I graduated I got a job at Burberry and then went on to work for a company that produced fashion shows. I moved to Hong Kong where I worked for Hong Kong Tatler before moving back to take a job on the fashion team at ES.

2.) Is there anything outside your career which has been of significant influence or had a serious effect on your life.

Moving to Hong Kong at 25 was an amazing experience. I went for a 2 week holiday to stay with a friend and ended up skipping my flight home and finding myself a job and a flat. I came away 2.5 years later having travelled a lot of Asia with lots of amazing memories and some even more amazing friends.

3.) Describe your personal style.

Varied, unfussy, ever-evolving

4.) What are your go to, fail safe wardrobe hero pieces?

I live in Levi’s and L’Agence jeans (their fits and fabrics are the best and they do a longer length), white tees, cashmere jumpers and trainers by day. Micro minis by night.

I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect white shirt


5.) How important is it these days for a fashion brand to be sustainable and do brand's environmental credentials affect the way you would work with them?

There’s a lot of noise in the fashion space and I am increasingly reluctant to give my attention to brands that are making no effort to reduce their environmental impact. In my opinion no brand should launch these days without sustainability firmly rooted in the business plan.

That said, it’s become such an overused word that I think brands need to be clear about the specific things they are doing to be eco friendly, not just call themselves “sustainable”

6.) What does empowerment mean to you? 

Understanding yourself and your goals and then having the courage to fight for them, to me that’s empowerment.

7.) Is jewellery important to you? What is your favourite piece of Sophie Lis jewellery and why.

I love jewellery! Good jewellery has a magic to it. It tells a quiet story about the wearer and their personality.

I am quite chaotic so I really love jewellery I don’t have to take off. My favourite Sophie Lis piece is the fallen star bracelet as it’s so timeless and twinkly. And I love the new magic leaf hoops they are so fun.

Click your fingers and be… in the mountains with my boyfriend and the sunshine