Anoushka Florence Inspires

Photography by Oda Eide

Pictured at home, Anoushka wears Sophie Lis Compass pendant on a long chain layered with the Fallen Moon Necklace and diamond Shooting Star earrings

My first meeting with Anoushka was a revelation. I was attending what I thought to be a Female Founders dinner at a friends private house in London. I had as usual, skim read the invitation in a rush, but accepted without a second thought knowing her dinners are always totally fabulous. My host had mentioned something vague about a card reading which I hadn’t really given a second thought to.

However, on entering her house that night, something was different... there was a magic in the air. The flickering candlelight, sweet smell of sage and circle of long stemmed roses, crystals and cards on the floor sparked my senses. Then I saw Anoushka and I was totally transfixed. This jaw droppingly beautiful gypsy goddess quietly kneeling on the edge of her circle. She radiated a calm, positivie energy which immediately entranced me.

There was no dinner that night but instead, a Goddess Circle led by Anoushka. Not usually one for sharing with strangers or speaking openly in public, the evening ahead took me by complete surprise. I won't tell you exactly what goes on at one of her gatherings as I think everyone should experience it for themselves, but I can tell you it had a deeply profound effect on me. I arrived a whirlwind of London life, a mother, a business woman, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend with all the responsibilities and stresses that go with any one of those things. I left empowered, in control and most importantly, as just me.

Anoushka is other worldly. She seems to have the wisdom of generations and the calm serenity of someone deeply in tune with herself and the world around her. Not only does she channel wisdom and power, but manages to charge those around her with this energy.

Empowering women is something at the heart of the Sophie Lis brand, as is symbolism and cosmic energy.  As soon as I saw Anoushka I knew she was my next #SophieLisGirl. I am so excited to introduce you to her and hope you too can experience a little piece of her magic…

1.) Tell us about The Goddess Space. How did you come to create it and what exactly do you do.

The Goddess Space creates sacred spaces for Women to gather. Women Circles have been happening for thousands of years and I am reviving them.

A lost, ancient, deeply powerful feminine practice.

I began creating these spaces, as I was beginning my own spiritual journey. I felt a calling to gather with like minded souls, and come together. The idea that I could find a space, where I could connect back to my truth, share without being judged, and feel safe to truly reconnect was all that I was seeking within and as such, I began creating these spaces for Women.

Anoushka wears Sophie Lis Shooting Star diamond earrings and Fallen Moon necklace

2.) Tell us what we could expect coming to one of your gatherings

My gatherings create a space for you to leave the outside world behind, as you remember that a whole world exists within you.

I guide you back to your own power, wisdom and healing through healing journeying meditations. I believe, you hold all the answers you seek. As such when we gather, we gather to remember all that lies within.

You can also expect to feel an overwhelming sensation of love, connection and community as you gather with Women who are all seeking the same as you. 

To be seen, to be heard, to be understood and most importantly to remember their power. 

Sophie Lis Compass pendant pictured on The Book of Symbols. 

3.) Your house is beautiful. Did you design it yourself and what was your inspiration? 

Yes I did design it myself. 

Spaces are a huge part of my spiritual practice. As a highly visual and sensitive person, what I see around me, really effects my wellbeing. As such I seek to create sacred, light, fresh spaces, inspired by an earthy, rustic, bohemian style.

I tend to frisk through many second hand markets to find original, handmade pieces to weave into the space; a mixture of provincial french furniture, plants, and rustic vibes. 

I have also, after years of being a hoarder, adopted a more minimalist lifestyle. After being inspired by some beautiful teachings, I learnt to understand that all objects hold energy.

As such, I only keep what I truly love in my home, I only seek to see what really brings me pure joy.

4.) Do you find your surroundings have a big impact on your wellbeing / state of mind. What are the most important things to have surrounding you?

As explained above everything holds an energy. Plants and flowers are highly important to me, to really feel life in a space. 

Neutral tones are important also for me, nothing too harsh on the eye. I’d rather swim through neutral tones, and feel as if nature is enveloping my space.

Anoushka wears our Compass pendant together with Fallen Moon necklace, Fallen Star ring, Lightning Bolt bracelet and Shooting Star earrings 

5.) How would you describe your personal style?

My style is an eclectic mix of victorian vintage lace merged with bohemian.  

After years of squeezing into clothes in order to follow trends, I am now all about comfort. Currently I find pleasure in wearing floaty lace dresses merged with motorbike boots!

6.) Who are your style icons? Do you follow any style influencers on social media?

I’m loving 1970’s prairie style currently, I just bought a Laura Ashely dress from portobello. So currently my inspiration is coming from Julie Christie in the movie “ The Go Between”

7.) What are your go to, fail safe wardrobe items? 

In the depths of winter, I’m still trying to wear all my favourites, sometimes this just means layering up my lace dresses with big knits, scarves and cardigans. I can often be found walking down the street dressed in what looks like a giant blanket, but  underneath the layers, the treasures can be found. 

8.) Symbolism plays a big part in our jewellery as it does in your world. Do you have any favourite symbols that are especially meaningful to you?

Symbolism is the biggest part of my life, I believe the universe communicates with us through symbols as such I’m always looking out for the symbolism of life. The feather, the owl, the sun and moon are very powerful symbols for me. They have been a big part of my life for many years, helping to remind of what I can sometimes forget. 

Sophie Lis diamond surround Love Pendant together with Lightning Bolt Studs

9.) What is your favourite piece of Sophie Lis jewellery and why.

I love the compass, I wear this around my neck and have added it to my collection of talisman. The compass reminds me to come back to my centre, anytime I feel lost; for my heart knows the way.

We can often spend so much time looking outside of ourselves for the answers, but the truth, all we need is inside of us.

Pictured above wearing our Love pendant and Fallen Moon hoop earrings

10.) When you’re not in the office or working, where can we find you? 

Walking in nature with my dog, at the local farmers markets or traipsing through Portobello market rummaging through vintage stalls! 

Here, Anoushka wears our gold surround Love pendant on long chain, diamond surround love pendant on short chain together with our diamond hoops.

Click your fingers and be……. With…..?

My grandmothers!